L Children {Logan Utah Child & Teen Photographer}

These four siblings each have such unique personalities. It was fun to see the different poses and areas they chose for their individual pictures. I really got a kick out of the youngest one, who wasn't so fond of having his pictures taken formally but made sure I took ones of him doing handstands and crazy faces. He sure made me laugh. Spending time getting to know people is one of the best parts of my job!


D Family {Logan Utah Family Photographer}

I was excited to photograph this family. It was a great start to the family portrait season. They are always dressed so cute when I see them. Two cute parents make for three adorable children. If you are thinking of getting family pictures this fall season, now is the time to schedule.


M & E {Logan Utah Children Photographer}

During the summer I don't schedule as many sessions so I can enjoy more time with my family. Between vacations, pool play, and just some good time outdoors I keep pretty busy. With fewer sessions lately, I had time to take pictures of my own kiddos. My little Ella was overdue for pictures. I meant to take them when she was six months old but time got away from me. She was not cooperative the day I took them. Teething has not been easy for her and that day it was really bad. Luckily, Max made up for it during his pictures. He was a champ! It was his best shoot yet.


F Children {Logan Utah Child & Infant Photographer}

These kids have been coming to see me since my first year in business. They are a fun little bunch to shoot. From the moment they arrive until the moment they leave, they keep me on my toes. It's a fun challenge and I would like to think they are helping me become a better photographer.


Corbin {Logan Utah Cake Smash Photographer}

My how fast a year goes by! My cute nephew who I photographed as a newborn is now a year old. He wasn't so sure about digging into the cake but once his mama put some in his mouth he changed his mind. He ate so much during the photo shoot when it came time for the real deal on his Birthday he wanted nothing to do with cake. I wish I could have the same feelings when I see cake. Happy First Birthday!


L Family {Logan Utah Family Photographer}

This session started out with some excitement. What session isn't with a two year old?! (They are the most fun and impatient age to photograph.) Cute little Jackson, who's been potty trained for months . . . yes, you guessed it; had an accident before I even took my first shot. Poor Mom was clueless on what to do but we managed to work around it. Oh, the joys of family pictures, but it's all worth it in the end when you see the images!


Nigel {Logan Utah Infant Photographer}

This little boy recently turned one. He was quite shy for the camera and didn't want to show off his walking skills but he warmed right up once he was put on the playground. He loved going down the slide and I love his blue eyes.


Brinlee & Eli {Logan Utah Child Photographer}

I loved the color scheme these two kiddos wore for their pictures together. I am a big fan of bright, bold colors and stripes. It was nice to be outside again snapping pictures after a cold winter. Spring is welcomed with open arms and a happy camera!


Marcus {Logan Utah Child Photographer}

I started photographing this little brown eyed boy when he was a one year old. He is just a couple weeks younger than my little guy. I have enjoyed capturing his milestones as the years have gone by. His personality sure has blossomed.